Monday, April 25, 2011

Swap-Bot Swap / Four Photo's and A Note / Swaps

Check out Swap Bot for three new Four Photo's and A Note Swap's.

The Forth Swap of the Series has a Twist.It is the Red Challenge,a list of 16 to chose from.All ON the list to Photograph is Red. Check It out if your into a fun Challenge.

*Four Photo's and A Note(Swap#2) Sign up dead line:May 20,2011/Mail out by: June 20,2011

*Four Photo's & A Note(Swap#3) Sign up dead line:May 27,2011/Mail out by: June 30,2011

*Four Photo's & A Note(Red Challenge)#4  Sign up dead line:June 30,2011/Mail out by: July 25,2011

*Four Photo's & A Note(Water Challenge)#5  Sign up dead line: June 30,2011/Mail out by: July 30,2011

Ok now if you want to join the swaps above or just check out swap bot.Click on the link above.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. I will upload more photo's soon

Here I put together a swap to make homemade postcards, out of photo's.

Sign up deadline:May 27,2011 /Mail out by June 17,2011

        A two partner swap....
Let's see how many of us can make our very own postcard's, from our own photos. Take a photo and than attach card stock paper to the back of the photo.This way it will be able to travel threw the postal system with ease. Please be sure your card is at least 4x6,better yet how about a 5x7.Although this swap only calls for a 4x6.Just make sure you have enough postage on the larger card. Mailing within the U.S.A., the cost of a 5x7, is 44 cents, same as a letter.
Please be sure your photo is tasteful and not offensive in any way.This is why you need to read your partners profile. For this swap you may use a photo you would like to share and send to your partners. Again as long as it will not offend your partner.
Other than that this swap will be senders choice.