Thursday, August 11, 2011

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Greetings From Shellsajerseygirl
 I set up a new Swap Group on, back in July 2011. This group is for trusted swappers, who enjoy photography.
 I have sent out invites to swappers,who have been in swaps I have hosted.I have taken requests from swappers with trusted profiles. 

If your profile fits the description as a trusted swapper, you are more then welcome to join. Drop in to request an invite to the group. 
" Four Photo's & A Note "

Four Photo's & A Note

Theme: Fun with Photography without the Flakers
Type: Common Interest
Members: Trusted Swappers

Founded on: Jul 1, 201

This is a group were we will swap photos and create photo related things.It is all about the creative side of the swappers. And shooting the photo's from the heart and imagination.I plan to have themed swaps on here in the near future.
I'd like this group to be about sharing in the common interest of photography.With themed swaps, photo postcards, & fun. A group to express ones creative side. If you feel you'd like to be a part of this group. Your welcome to stay & join in the fun. Stick around and add your ideas.I'd like this group to be all about sharing themes and creative thought. Thanks for dropping in.Your in swapping,Shells


  1. Hello All
    I put this group together,because I wanted to share my view of photography with others.The group has been growing by leaps & bounds. I put a few swaps out their. I have gotten really great feed back. So much so I have members interested & involved.

    It's also really great to have group members hosting within the group. The more creative minds working together the better. I can only swap in so many swaps myself. With hosting you have to swap also in that swap. I have so many ideas. I just cannot commit myself to all the swaps I'd like to host.It takes time to hit the great outdoors with my camera. I love snapping pictures every chance I have. Well like get a move on it now. Bye Bye

  2. opps i meant Well let me get a move on it now,lol.